Program’s Mission Statement

The purpose of these programs is to prepare a person for employment as a licensed cosmetologist. Required practical services and theory must be completed. Instruction is designed to qualify pupils for the Florida Cosmetology Licensing Examination.

Program Content

Specialized classroom and practical experience is provided relating to a variety of beauty treatments. These include the care and beautification of the hair, complexion and hands. Training in giving shampoos, rinse and scalp treatments; hair styling, blow drying and thermal techniques; setting, cutting, tinting, bleaching, permanent waving; chemical relaxing, facials, manicures/pedicures, hand/arm and leg/foot massaging are included. Bacteriology, anatomy hygiene, sanitation, customer relations and salon management, including record keeping, are also emphasized.

The course/program also provides supplemental training for persons previously or currently employed in these occupations

 Entrance Requirements

  • 16 years of age or older and not currently enrolled in another Miami-Dade County Public School
  • Occupational interest

 Length of Program

The entire program is 1200 hours, but students may earn a certificate at the completion of the following OCP’s:

OCP A              (Cosmetologist)                                                          225 hours

Grooming and Salon Services, Facials and Nails

Cosmetologist and Hairdresser (1 of 3)                     300 hours

Cosmetologist and Hairdresser (2 of 3)                     300 hours

Cosmetologist and Hairdresser (3 of 3)                     375 hours

Minimum basic-skills grade levels required for awarding a Full Program Completion Certificate are 8th grade in Math and Language, and 9th grade in Reading on the TABE Test and/or passing of an Industry Certification exam.

Employment Opportunities

  • Stylist
  • Permanent weave technician
  • Makeup artist
  • Cosmetologist’s assistant
  • Beauty supply presenter


The range of salary for licensed cosmetologists is quite broad. Entry level is approximately $29,000 per year as o 2013 and is unlimited regarding the potential for top—level pay. Since it is a commission-based industry, the sky is the limit.

Whether in a booming economy or in a recession, people continue to pursue hair and nail care to maintain their professional image, as well as, for personal and self-esteem reasons. Demand for cosmetologist should remain strong if past trends dictate the future of this career. The diversity of this career continues to expand, opening new opportunities for placement and advancement.



8:00 TO 10:00 A.M.

 Financial aid is available to eligible students and eligible programs.

Applications and information regarding financial aid resources may be obtained from the Financial Aid Office.

The Federal PELL Grant, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG), are some forms of aid offered. To be eligible a student must:

  1. A full registration fee is charge from the first day of the trimester throughout the 21st
  2. Seventy-five percent of the fee is charged from the 22nd through the 45th
  3. Fifty percent of the fee is charged from the 50th day through the end of the trimester.
  4. Students registering for short-term classes will pay a course fee based upon the duration of the course and the total hours of the class.

For more information please see your Financial Aid Officer.

The Federal PELL Grant, FSEOG are all based on financial need and are determined by a student’s Expected Family Contribution (EFC). Additional resources such as Vocational Rehabilitation, South Florida Workforce, SAVES, etc. can assist students through their vocational programs for those who qualify. Please see those individual agencies to determine eligibility.

Other Available Programs