SAVES Refugee Program

Skills for Academics, Vocational, and English Studies (SAVES)

Program Description:
SAVES (Skills for Academic Vocational and English Studies) is a federally funded program with the goal of providing academic and vocational training to eligible refugee and asylee adults who have been in the United States for less than sixty (60) months and currently living in Miami-Dade County, Florida.

The mission of SAVES is to assist this student population in resettling into the South Florida community and help them attain economic self-sufficiency.

The SAVES Program offers services to Refugees/Asylees (16+ years of age) who have the following immigration status:

  • refugees of all nationalities
  • asylees of all nationalities
  • Cuban/Haitian parolee/entrants
  • victims of human trafficking
  • legal permanent residents who previously held one of the above statuses
  • special immigrants of Iraqi or Afghan nationality

Benefits of the SAVES program (eligible students only):

  • books and instructional materials for all Adult General Education (AGE) classes
  • Block Tuition Fees – fees covered per student, per level, per term for AGE courses
  • new ESOL students are required to attend a twelve (12) hour Orientation course as part of the Career Pathways initiative
  • vocational classes/job training (SAVES will pay the tuition costs for three trimesters to study a vocational program of choice, including the books and materials)
  • employment referrals to assist unemployed clients find jobs
  • babysitting services (available at selected sites) and child care referrals

NOTE: students will be responsible for monetary repayment to SAVES if a client must repeat a level or leaves the program.

Initiatives to Receive Benefits:

  • complete a minimum of fifteen (15) hours of instruction to receive books
  • maintain good attendance and academic progress
  • register by cut off date to complete seventy (70) hours of instruction. (Only applies to ESOL students)
  • Students who are eligible to take the CASAS (Comprehensive Adult Student Assessment System) post-test, and who fail to do so, will be suspended from the program until the CASAS test is taken
  • SAVES students are limited to three (3) enrollments in a particular level or course in an attempt to achieve documented progress

For more information on the SAVES program, please contact:

Mariol Pradere (SAVES Coordinator)
Robert Morgan Technical College
18180 SW 122 Avenue | Miami, FL 33177
(305) 253-9920 ext. 2396 (telephone number) | (305) 253-3023 (facsimile number)

For even more information, visit the MDCPS – SAVES website at:

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